Not Leaping With Joy

Is there anyone in Canada that enjoys February? If so, I am not among them. The only thing I like about February is that it is followed by March–which to me, always signals the first hints of spring.

Not that we’ve had a terrible winter here in SW Ontario. There’s been little snow and frigid temperatures were rare over the past months. But much of it has been very dreary–the light thin, the woods muddy, and the skies bleak. I’m ready for some heat and some green.

Apparently, February used to be the last month in the Gregorian calendar, and this is why the necessary extra day which is added every four years was stuck onto it. To me, even though the shortest month of the year in theory, February drags sluggishly along, and I am affronted when that 29 is forced upon me.

To heck with the Gregorian calendar. Let’s put that extra day in July. July 32nd has a great ring to it. An extra day of summer has it all over an extra day of winter.